Seat All Your Guests Comfortably

Get chair and table rentals in Lufkin, TX

Whether they spend minutes or hours on the dance floor, your guests will want a comfortable spot to sit down afterwards. You need table and chair rentals from A-1 Party Rentals of Lufkin Inc. in Lufkin, TX. We'll deliver and set up your tables and chairs, so you'll only need to worry about the seating arrangement.

Call 936-639-2595 today for more information on our table rentals.

You'll want plenty of options and great service when it comes to your table rentals. If you choose us, you'll appreciate the fact that we:

  • Will handle setup for your table and chair rentals
  • Have thousands of tablecloths in stock for you to choose from
  • Carry rectangular and round tables, so you can choose what you need
We carry 6- and 8-foot-long rectangular tables and round tables of all sizes. Additionally, we have linens, covers and centerpieces available for all tables. Email us now if you need to rent tables and chairs.